Talking about the weather…

The white stuff has been hitting the headlines for the second time this year which has got everyone into a frenzy. It’s even been trending on Twitter. It makes me laugh, because it seems to surprise everyone, even though we knew it was coming. Today, the Daily Mirror not only devoted the front page to snow, but pages four and five. Yesterday it was page 10 and 11.

Even Will Ferrell was talking about it. He gave out some winter advice as Ron Burgundy on the One Show today. It was a bit weird, not as funny, but he gave it a good shot. (I still don’t get the One Show. I find it a very random programme).

There’s nothing like a bit of snow to bring the UK to a halt and to bring people together. At least it gets people talking. Do other nations talk about the weather as much as we do, or is it just a British quirk?

Here are some snow facts:

  • Snow is not frozen rain. It is created by ice particles sticking together in the clouds.
  • Snow can be wet or dry.
  • Dry snow is fine and powdery.
  • The average snowflake has the top speed of 1.7m per second.
  • They are always hexagonal, but not always symmetrical.
  • The biggest snowflake recorded (according to the Guniness Book of World Records) was seen in Montana in 1887. It measured 15 inches wide and eight inches thick.
  • Chionophobia is the fear of snow.
  • Thanks to Kenneth G. Libbrecht, you can grow your own snow.  Find out how.

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