Breaking news – its snowing. Are you prepared?

The UK is crumbling under snowy whiteness, again. And by the looks of it, it’s only going to get worse. Headlines include ‘Big freeze causes travel chaos’ and ‘UK on snow alert’. The Guardian also has live coverage on the snow called  ‘Snow! UK travel disruption continues-live coverage.’ Personally, I think people can look outside their window and generally gauge if they can get outside their door. I think comedian Michael McIntyre sums up our (or the media’s) obsession with the snow with his sketch on this year’s Royal Variety Show.

But of course, the festive season is upon us, and ’tis the time where we visit friends and family. The snow has made it difficult to travel anywhere. Gatwick has now opened some of its runways. I think our plans to visit Cornwall is in doubt, so we will need to rethink our new year plans – not that I’m bothered. New year is usually over-rated anyway.

However, due to the nature of snow, the police were able to raid a cannabis factory because the house didn’t have a thick layer of snow on the roof, thanks to the high tech growing systems giving off lots of heat. Whoops!

Last night was my work’s Christmas party, and I didn’t account for the snow to hit Eastbourne. Living in the UK, you quickly learn not to trust the weather forecasts, which meant that I was tottering around in the snow and ice like an idiot in stupid high heeled shoes. They were open toed at that – my little pinkies were frozen. What should have been a 15 min walk to town, took me and friend a lot longer. We decided to take the taxi back. Although I admit that wore silly footwear list night, at least I was wearing a coat and scarf. Maybe its my age showing here, but I astounded at some of the girlies I saw last night who wore nothing but short, tight dresses and even more higher and stupider shoes and no coat. My excuse was that I lived in another town and I could only pack what I needed the next day. As they were obviously drunk, the danger is that if they passed out and no-one found them (on the beach for example), they could die of hypothermia. Not a good situation to be in at all.

The snow has disrupted people’s shopping. Today is traditionally the busiest shopping day before Christmas-but not this year. The powdery stuff has put a stop to that. Thankfully, before getting my train (which was on a revised service) I managed to hit one shop and finish my Christmas shop. Hurrah! now all I need to do tonight it wrap my pressies and hang up the Chrimbo decorations. That’s right, we’ve managed to get to the 18th December and not hang the decorations. Bah humbug indeedy.


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