Another day, another project

I’ve been interested in photography for quite a long time now, picking up my first DSLR in 2007. Floating around Flickr is numerous 365 groups and every year I think “I should join?” Today, I thought about it no more, and joined the 365: the 2011 edition. The task is daunting (a bit like the half-marathon that I’m running in March and climbing to Everest Base Camp for my 30th) but I’m hoping to improve my photography – a lot. I’m not really happy with my photos – I feel that they’re fairly basic, so armed with my birthday present of a Digital Camera subscription, a weekly newsletter from the Digital Photography School and this project to kick me up the arse, I’m hoping that this time next year I will emerge as a decent photographer.  I’ll of course, blog about my experiences (but not everyday. That is going a bit too far for me).

I’ve been interested in lighting, portraits, candid street photography and filters, but photograph just about everything. I think the candids are going to be the hardest, mainly because I am quite shy and hide behind my camera. Ethics also come into it – do you ask someone before taking the photo and lose the moment, or, ask for permission and get something very staged? With children, I always ask permission from parents. You can never be too careful there. But normally, I just take the photo – I blame the shyness.

The project starts on 1st Jan 2011, and I will need ideas on what to photograph. That is where I will need you help. It’s got to be practical and achievable and I’ll post them up on Flickr.


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