Resolution Number Three – Fail

Whoops, just seen what the date is. Nine days into the New Year and I’ve already failed postponed Resolution Number Three.

The word ‘fail’ implies that I’ve given up, and dear reader, I haven’t given up.  Not by a long shot. The first week into these challenges was always going to be difficult and I think it may take a few weeks to get into a regular routine. Bear with me!

My 365: the 2011 edition project, however, is happening. Nine days, 26 photos. I am running out of ideas, fast. Last night I wentover to Brighton, and ended on the pier. Having been told off for ‘taking photos of the machines’, I ventured along the cold promenade with the view to take some candid shots of people. The problem was, it was dark, and I am shy. I didn’t have the guts to ask people if I could take their photo and having to deal with the flash at the same time. So, again, I was taking photos of what was around me. The results were ok.

This week, the theme is ‘self-portrait’. I don’t take good photos, so this will be an interesting exercise for me. I’ve looking at what people have done on Flickr and there’s some really interesting ideas, mainly when people are not showing their faces.

I think the key is planning ideas/weekly themes for both this blog and Flickr. Another good piece of advice that I’ve read is to keep a calendar of events. This I can do, plus I am more comfortable taking photos of people in crowds as it means I can blend into the background, and, people expect cameras.

The other issue, is time. The past week has seen me scrabbling around for photos ideas at 9pm and not loading and posting them until 11pm.  As a general rule, I don’t like being on the computer after 9pm, as it disrupts my sleep, and I do like my sleep.

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10 thoughts on “Resolution Number Three – Fail

  1. I’ve actually gone one better. Day 10 of the New Year and I still haven’t settled on my resolutions. I’m still planning to write out a proper list with the bullet points of how to achieve them. The thing is – I know what they are and I’m just using this as an excuse or I’d have to admit to failing already. 🙂

    I wanted to do a photo a day blog too this year until I remembered how crap I am at taking pictures.

    • Lol. Look forward to your resolution post..What are they?!Just to make sure that I actually do them, I’ve been telling everybody . Means that I can’t get out of them! But the thing is, it’s stuff that I want to do but never got around to them. The postcast, I’ve been sitting on for about a year and I’m sick of think of doing it!

      With the pics – why not try a photo a week or photo a month?

      • Oh, it’s usual things like don’t fail uni and get a job and write more. I will write out the resolutions post, however, considering I’ve got a lab report due in couple days and am a master procrastinator, it’s best if I don’t start now. 😀

        You see, I’m not sure telling everybody actually works. It’s great, if you have overachieving friends, who get things done and will keep you in line/make you feel bad about not sticking to them. Most of the people though, fail their resolutions and, therefore, will not be surprised/expect you to fail yours. Mostly to make themselves feel better. 🙂

      • Good luck with your lab report. That’s a type of writing 🙂

        Understand about not telling everyone – it doesn’t work for everyone. But I have to say, people have been quite positive to me and I don’t want to let them down… but more importantly, don’t want to be seen as a failure. That’s my motivation.

  2. The Flickr 365 challenge is pretty intense, so there’s no shame in falling a little bit short. I might take up the gauntlet next year–I definitely like the idea of having that kind of chronicle to look back on.

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog by the way–I look forward to reading more from you in the future!

    • Tell me about it 🙂 But I’m having fun… at the moment. I’ve kept on top of it so far, but then it’s only been 10 days. It will be interesting to see my 2011 in pictures.

      Look forward to reading your blog too 🙂

    • I completely agree with you. I like to keep a sense of mystery, but I’m sure I’ll take a standard portrait shot soon. Have seen some really good, but simple ones. Also helps if you’re photogenic too! I’ll try and post more pics up on my blog soon.

  3. Shooting self-portraits is so much fun to me. I’ve started taking self-portrait since last year.
    Looking forward to seeing yours 😉

    • I’ve had taken some interesting self portraits. But it’s looking for that inspiration to do something a bit different which I’m finding time consuming. I’ll post a gallery of my photos at the end of the week and you can judge for yourself!

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