Fish rant currently suspended until further notice

Tonight’s blog was going to be a rant about fish stocks and the EU fishing quota. I’ve been quite angry since watching Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s TV programme on Channel 4 called Hugh’s Fish Fight a couple of night ago. Over half the fish caught off the North Sea is thrown back and eaten by crabs, which is madness considering these fish are already dead. I live on the coast, near to Hastings, where there has been a fishing fleet since before the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Fishing is part if the town’s cultural identity, and is heart breaking to see the dead fish (aka discard) being thrown back. Why should I buy fish that has travelled from Europe (or beyond) when I can get fish here? But, I want to do justice to my rant, which means a bit more research and watching the last in the series (aired tonight).

Mini rant over and on to a topic which I love… Travel.

Ten years ago, I decided that I should travel and see the world, broaden my horizons and push my boundaries. It has been a double-edge sword – I didn’t get the hang of balancing job and love of travel and I’m career bound now – but it was a good decision. Fresh out of college, I decided to see Australia, during university I took part in the Erasmus Scheme, and after working in a shop for two years, took myself off on an around-the-world adventure.

The old chestnut rings true – the more you travel, the more you want to see. There are some truly awe-inspiring places on Earth. Here are my top three:

  1. Iceland – ever since I read the blurb in the Lonely Planet about a delicacy that involves burying fish for a long time before being eaten, I always wanted to visit. Plus people believe in fairies and elves – and it’s a great place to catch the Northern Lights.
  2. Christmas Island – I don’t worship many people, but to me Sir David Attenborough is God. OK – I’m going over-board here, but it was Sir David who introduced me to the wonders of the natural world. I used to record on tape (remember those?) his BBC programmes and I vividly remember Sir David being surround by red crabs on their mass migration, and from then on, wanted to see that for myself
  3. Canada – reason? Due South.

Thanks to Some Go Softly who started this game and My English Thoughts for tonight’s blog. If you would like to join in, write a post about three countries you would like to visit and why, then link back here.


7 thoughts on “Fish rant currently suspended until further notice

  1. One of my friend have been to Iceland and he really loved it. It took so many beautiful and wonderful photos there.
    I’ve seen a documentary about the red crabs but I couldn’t remember which part of the world this migration happened, thanks to you now I know !!
    Have you more photos to your around-the-world-adventure to share with us ? I would love to see them !

    • I’d really love to see the Northern Lights in my lifetime. I’ve seen it on the TV and it looks pretty amazing. Maybe done day… And the red crabs, apparently they’re under threat from another species, but I was reading something from 2007, so don’t know what’s happened to them now. Hopefully they’re making a comeback. And yes, at some point I ‘ll put a gallery of photos up. Might need to do it country by country as I’ve got a lot!

  2. I agree with you about the fish fight, it’s been really interesting (and quite shocking) viewing. I think it’s really improtant that we realise where our food comes from and the impact that producing it has.

    Great chioce of destinations – I haven’t been to any of those and I’m not sure I could narrow my dream destinations down to just 3… 🙂

    I’m off to sign the fish fight petition now, thanks for the reminder.

    • Not sure why C4 decided to highlight the fish campaign, but glad they have. I found it very disturbing, been on my soapbox at work about it. I know the Metro did a similar campaign last year (?) and outed restaurants who sold threatened species of fish. I think it’s important that we think about what we’re doing to the oceans as well as on land (such as the rainforest). Just because we can’t see the destruction, it doesn’t mean we’re not having an affect.

      it was hard to pick my top three. I suppose they’re destinations that is a pipeline dream. Realistically, I’m never going to Christmas Island. But I can dream…

  3. Iceland? Oh goodness yes. Count me in! I desperately want to go there!

    Oh and I haven’t watched any of the Fish Fight episodes yet but I will make an effort to make sure I do. I’m veggie so don’t eat it anyway but definitely something everyone needs to watch. 😉

    • Hopefully, one day I’ll get to Iceland. If you get there before me, you’ll have to take lots of pics!

      Watch the Fish Fight episode, it is very disturbing. I’ve missed the second one, but will try and catch up over the weekend. I think being so close to Hastings has really struck a chord. Is there particular reason why you went veggie? I’ll make a rubbish vegetarian-I do like my meat too much! Although I could become a fruitarian. Think all that sugar will rot my teeth though.

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