My photo scavenger party

I’m quite selective when it comes to subscribing to mailing lists. Even when an e-newsletter pops though on my emails, I’m not that interested. A quick scan to see if anything is relevant, then in one click it goes into the trash (or bin as we like to say it in the UK).

Then this dropped through my inbox from Photojojo: Plan the Photog Party of the Century in 5 Easy Steps. All my favourite words – photo, party and easy – were in one sentence. Intrigued, I read on.

‘Instead of tackling that giant list on your own, turn your ‘someday list’ into a group effort by having the most-fun-you-ever-had-with-a-group-of-photog-nerds: a photo scavenger hunt.’

Straight after reading this enewsletter, I got onto Facebook and rounded up some nerds friends. Not only that, I even Tweeted about it. I’m that ridiculously excited about this scavenger hunt.

I’m now hosting a photo scavenger hunt around Brighton this summer. Yikes!

Now, I need ideas on what I on what my friends (they’re not really nerds, but lovely, wonderful, intelligent and hilarious human beings who are mad as I am) to photograph.

The premise is this: in teams, they will have around three hours to take photos of the list I will provide them. Each photo will have a score depending on the level of difficulty. The team who has the highest score wins a prize (on which I have yet to decide on). Crazy ideas welcome, but they must be (partly) realistic.

Of course, a post on teacup and cake and links to photos will be written/uploaded in due course.


7 thoughts on “My photo scavenger party

    • Good idea to pair teams up in terms of skill. Anyway, the photos doesn’t have to be of a professional standard, but it does have to be creative. It will depend on how easy it would be to take the photo – so say the list says to photograph two people jumping, it could be your team members – that you be 10 points. For an extra 10 points, get 2 strangers to jump in the air (their feet must leave the ground in the photo).

      Or for 5 points – photograph a seagull.

  1. Great idea – we did something like this at work. Offhand some of the picture challenges I can remember were take a pic of:
    An Alan Sugar lookalike
    2 members of your team with a group of over 15 strangers (you had to ask their permission)
    Your team recreating a British Album cover (more point if it’s not abbey road! 🙂
    Your team-mates to spelling out a word
    2 of your team-mates on a bike

    I can’t remember any more now, but it was great fun!

      • Well, we had a company in to do the organisation, but basically we had a set timescale, a camera and a list of what to get on ‘film’… (there were other challenges too as well as the camera ones). So I can’t take any credit for any of the ideas!

        We all met back in the function room of a restaurant afterwards and the organisers downloaded the photos and showed them all through a projector so that was all pretty immediate.

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