Love our Libraries – updated

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about the funding cuts of the British library.

Author Zadie Smith writes in the Daily Mirror about her experience of her local library.

She said: “My own family put a very high value on education. Like many people without money, we relied on our public services. Not as a frippery, not as a pointless addition, not as an excuse for personal stagnation, but as a necessary gateway to better ­opportunities.”

Like Zaide, my family puts a high price on eduction.  I’m lucky. My family didn’t see the library as geeky or anything to be ashamed to be seen in. The best piece of advice my mum gave me (well, one of the many) is to get a decent eduction, and keep working. Don’t depend on a man to bring home the bacon.

With education, you give yourself opportunities, regardless of your background. However, with education, comes resources, such as books and the Internet. Even in 2011, not everyone has access to a computer, let alone the Interweb.

By cutting the local library, I believe you’re limiting opportunity.