Sun = smelly bin on train

So I finally found Southern Rail’s real Twitter account – not that I was looking, mind. I’ve been following their alias @Southern_Trains for a while. Their tweets light up my somewhat miserable journey. It also reminds to me that other people are suffering more hellish journeys than me.

Today’s return journey, the 5.09 from the Sunshine Coast to God’s Waiting Room-on-Sea consisted of a foul-smelling bin, more prams, no air con and no seat. Joy.  The smelly bin now means were officially in summer. All this for a princely sum of 73.80.

What I don’t understand is the 5.09  on a Friday is always busy. The 8.22  from God’s Waiting Room-on-Sea to the Sunshine Coast is always busy. Why not put more carriages on?

I posed the question to @SouthernRailUK.

No response just yet.

To be fair,  the staff at my little station at God’s Waiting Room-on-Sea are good. One kindly told me that if I paid until the station after my stop, it was actually cheaper. Odd pricing, but hey, if it saves me pennies… The station itself is spotless and the staff are friendly. All in all, the trains are usually on time. Here’s my post on trains and the snow last year.


2 thoughts on “Sun = smelly bin on train

  1. More carriages? Are you crazy? That would be an easy and sensible solution that would benefit the passengers! You expect transport people to be sensible and care about our journeys being comfortable seeing as we paying for them through the roof? I live in London. Don’t get me started on TfL.

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