A Very Good Day

Saturday was A Very Good Day. Very Good Days don’t happen to me very often. It involves cupcakes.

It started with Lomography’s first stop on their LomoRoadshow around the UK. Starting the very hip and cool Hotel Pelicrocco in Brighton, littlemisslove and golfpunkgirl ran down the list of assorted Lomocameras and their accessories. I’ve only recently got into Lomography, and I’ve discovered a whole new (expensive) world waiting for me.

I acquired my Diana F+ at Christmas. It takes 120 film, meaning it takes a bigger film than the standard 35mm. It also means that developing is expensive. Thankfully, Lomo have produced a 35mm back. Out of my first roll of 36 exposures, only 11 came out. I was gutted. So, seeing a tweet about the LomoRoad show, I immediately signed up without thinking (Lomo rule 6).

After the talk, we grabbed our borrowed cameras, and went on a walkabout. I decided to try the LC-A+. Unlike my Diana, which is all plastic, this camera has a glass lens and can auto expose. I also tried a new type of film – the red scale, with the hope that they will have a vintage feel to them.

We went down to the carcass of the West Pier (which caught fire in 2003) and walked along the beach. The obligatory hen party rolled into town, complete with blow-up doll and t-shirts emblazoned with classy names such as Vibrator Vicky and Handjob Hannah. The hen, dressed in a gold number and heels, tried out her skateboarding and basketball skills with the local lads. Of course, this was perfect photo fodder and we trailed them like their own personal pack of paparazzo.

After about 20 mins, we drifted away from the hen party and finished up at the merry-go-round. I can’t wait to develop my photos and to see everyone else’s. Here’s a photo taken of the group by Adam Bronkhorst.

They day got even better when I popped in to see a couple of friends armed with some scrummy cupcakes. The chingwag soon turned into a Very Good Idea. Hopefully we can develop our Good Idea into something workable before I unveil our mission to take over the world. Muhahaha.

The final Good Thing to happen was at the train station. There I was standing idly on the platform, when a friend I made Mongolia stepped off the train. I hadn’t seen him since 2006. That was a nice surprise. I’m hoping we’ll be able to catch up for a drink over the summer.

Twas A Very Good Day indeed.

If you have a Lomo, find me at my Lomo home.


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