The un-suprise birthday – part II

If you ever got to Iceland, then I thoroughly recommend the Blue Lagoon Spa. The naturally heated water is the by-product of the nearby geothermal plant. Visited by over 400, 000 people yearly, the water is changed every 40 hours and can get very hot, as I found out whilst swimming past one of the water outlets.

Being British, I don’t see very many naked women – even in the gym. There was boobies and bums everywhere in the changing rooms. I didn’t know where to look. Awkward.

The lagoon itself is man-made and surrounded by Iceland’s volcanic rock. There was still snow on the rocks, although steam was coming off the water. We were lucky, the sky was blue and the sun was shining. The water is supposed to have healing properties, and is good for those who have psoriasis, thanks to the mixture of silica, algae and minerals.

In total we spent about five hours at the lagoon. The was partly due to the fact that we decided that we wanted to have massages, and there was a waiting list. I decided to go for the silica salt glow and massage. It was supposed to be leave me rejuvenated and relaxed. I just felt seasick. The salt scrub wasn’t  the problem. It was the in-water massage that wanted to make me hurl. The burly Icelandic man who performed my treatment, slid me off the bench after the scrub, and floated me on a mat where he proceeded to do the massage. For me, there was too much movement, and I spent most of my time concentrating on not being sick. It was a shame, as it was quite a good massage. It was a very odd experience.

It turns out that come four o’clock on a Saturday, the Icelandic youth use the lagoon as a pick-up joint. The bar opens up, and it becomes one big social. And yes, I just happened to be chatted up too, which flattered and amused me immensely. As soon as the boys found out I was British, the brief conversation turned to football. (Of course!) They happened to be Man U and Chelsea fans. I come from a Tottenham family, so I bantered with them for a bit before being rescued by my boyfriend.

If you ever go to the Blue Lagoon,then remember to douse your hair with conditioner – I used an intensive condition. The water will turn your hair crispy.

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