Seeking an adventure

I may have treated my boyfriend to Iceland for his 30th this year, but I have decided to trek to Everest Base Camp when I turn the big 3-0 in November.

Ever since I spoke to a couple of travellers who told me November was a good time for Everest, and having spent my 25th in Melbourne, I wanted to celebrate the end of my 20’s in true teacup and cake style. Seeking another adventure by climbing a big ol’ mountain.

At the moment, I’m at the research stage. I went and borrowed a couple of books from my local library – The Longest Climb by Dominic Faulkner, Everest Exposed by George Band – to get me in the mood. I haven’t read them yet, but I’m looking forward to some good reads.

Not¬†¬†confident to hop over to Nepal and organise the trip, I’m looking into an organised tour over here in the UK. My starting place was I believe that when embarking on a trip such as this, it’s important to be sensitive to the environment and to the place that you visit. Not only do I want my money to go back to the people in the country that I spend my time in, I want to make sure that it’s sustainable for future generations.

What am I looking for? Well, I want to make sure that the porters have decent shoes and that they are not overloaded when transporting things up Everest, that local guides are used and the group is not too big. That’s just the starting point.

If you can help me with any tips or suggestions, let me know.