My name is apathetic and I have a problem

The Alternative Vote campaign in the UK has been a bit of a damp squib. I know that I should care, but I don’t. Or rather, I’m dispassionate about it.

Even on the BBC 10 o’clock news, it wasn’t the top story. It’s 10.20pm, and only now that it’s being covered. Both the yes and no camps have been trying to catch the public’s attention. It hasn’t happened. There hasn’t been the long queues seen at the last election. No-one has run out of ballot papers. No-one is getting angry. Oh, Jeramy Vine has just popped up telling us what’s at stake with the aid of his computer generated graphics.

I voted. It was my local election at the same time over in Sussex. It makes me angry that people all over the world are denied their voice. I make sure that mine are heard by voting or signing petitions in causes that I believe in. But for AV – I don’t trust any politician. There has been lies coming from both the yes and no camps and I stopped listening a long time ago.

My little brain can only take so much, and AV sounds too much like hard work. I’ve just been reading about tactical voting for AV and I don’t get it. Not that I’m clever enough to do tactical voting for the first past the post anyway.  And besides, there are other voting systems out there, other than our current first past the post system, and the proposed AV such as the supplementary vote, or the single transferable vote.  If we want to talk about making England more democratic, then why hasn’t the other systems been discussed?


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