Car vs Moron

Most car crashes happen near to your home. In fact, nearly a third of crashes happen less than a mile away. Most are minor scrapes such as driving into a parked car or reversing into a wall.

However, I had no such luck. Just one mile away from my house, a moron decided to collide into my friend’s car. One night’s stay at my local hospital, and three weeks of work, I think I’m ok. Needless to say, both cars were a right-off.

Moron, who ran away from crash while myself and my friend were unconscious, was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and failing to stop. The next day we found ourselves in the local newspapers, The Argus and Bexhill Observer.

Thankfully we walked away from the crash. I suffered bruising to by legs and my internal organs, which was a very odd feeling indeed. I was also unable to eat without feeling sick. That was worse than suffering from the deep bruising. Oh and the headaches. They are not fun at all. This dear readers, is the reason I have been so quiet over the past three weeks. Both my weekly blog posts and daily photo challenge has gone to pot, but I am hoping that after a brief break, I will be able to continue.

(As I am writing this post, Zero 7’s ‘Waiting to Die’ has just come on with the very apt lyrics “It’s just a day like any other day, A beautiful day for an accident, let’s say…”)


12 thoughts on “Car vs Moron

    • I’m ok thanks. When I saw the car (pictured) I was quite shaken up by it. It has really put things into perspective. What really got me, was not the accident, but that we he was callous enough to leave us. I really don’t understand that. Anyway, I’m hoping justice will be served. Not looking forward to sorting out my photos though!

  1. He really was a coward to face what he did… I do really hope the justice will be served too, he does not deserved to drive again.
    I’m glad to know that you’re ok !! It’s such a relief ! 🙂

  2. Oh, how awful 😦 what a horrible thing to happen. I can’t believe that he’d just leave, as you say, what a moron. I’m glad you’re pretty much ok and hope you are back to feeling 100% really soon. Look after yourself.

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  4. Glad you are okay now. What a terrible thing to have to go through. Thanks for checking in on the 365 board.

    • Thanks Julie. Hoping to go through the arduous process of catching up on Flickr today. I now need to get a new lens as the auto focus has gone, and it’s not worth replacing it.

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