Scavenging in Brighton

You know it’s going to be a good day when the sun is shining and you’re on the coast. I was in Brighton to be exact, and was nervously waiting for everyone to turn up for our first annual photo scavenger hunt. I’d like to say it had been months in the planning – it certainly felt that way since an email from Photojojo dropped into my inbox. Excited, I decided to write a blog and called up my friend Kitz.

In reality, it was a lot of thinking and a bit of planning. Kitz went mad on cooking the food and playing the hostess with the mostess and I was bricking it. As judge, I had final say and would have to argue my case if necessary. Simon Cowell I am not. The rules stated that:

  • You must have fun.
And I wasn’t prepared to have any arguments. Especially with the judge.
In all, 15 people took part. Split into teams of four-five, each were given a list of 20 items to photograph and four riddles to solve. With three hours to complete the lists, each team scoured Brighton for celebs, celeb lookalikes and bad hair. The photos were genius.
All the teams got stuck in, which made for some really good photos. It was really interesting to see their take on the lists. Some were literal interpretations of the word while the some very much out of the box. It was their enthusiasm which made the day, with people getting really passionate about winning.
My favourite story was with Team 3 getting a picture with a best-selling author in Waterstones (see slide show). Unbeknown to them, the person who was taking their photo of ‘mockingly’ (which was four different cover versions of To Kill A Mockingbird, whilst mocking each other) was author Simon Toyne, who was promoting his book Sanctus. Without much convincing, they managed to complete one of the hardest tasks, which was to take a picture of a celebrity with the whole team. Apparently he was a jolly nice bloke.
Having never organised anything like this before, I thought it was a great success. And will I do it again? Yes, I definitely would.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s more photos from the day.


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