I shall sing until I’m happy

It must be a sign that I’m getting old when I prefer listening to the music of my past. I never thought I would see the day. Music plays a huge part in my life. I can listen to a band and remember what I was doing, calculate how old I was and tell you the year the single came out.

My past is littered with songs, albums and bands. Listening to them now brings up a wide range of emotions, memories and people. I remember Take That, the first time round. I had a massive crush on Gary Barlow. That’s right, I fancied the fat one that couldn’t dance. You can’t deny he was the most talented – he won five Ivor Novello Awards.  My first gig was to see Take That. I was 14 went to see them at Earl’s Court with my mate Claire. It was just after Robbie had left. I wasn’t devastated. I got to see Gary.

Now 15 years later, I will get to see them as a five-piece. Am I excited? By heck I am. I just need someone to go with me…

For a while I went away from music. I do know who’s in the charts – sort of. I love Lady Gaga, Kylie, Friendly Fires. Adele has an amazing voice for her tender years of 21. But I am a product of the Indie years – Blur, Pulp, Feeder, Green Day, The Manic Street Preachers. Today I found out that Gomez has a new album – and it’s good! I do listen to Radio 1 on occasion, but now I’m approaching 30, I’m much more of a Radio 4 fan. But, thanks to Spotify, I’ve rediscovered my love of music. Right now I’m listening to The Goo Goo Doll’s Dizzy Up The Girl, which played a huge part of my college life. The ages of 17-21 were not exactly a happy time for me, and this album brings me right back to those miserable times. The lyrics their songs, along with Jimmy Eat World’s anthem The Middle got me through a lot of hard times. I remember driving around the dark country lanes, late at night in the rain. I was singing very loudly and very badly.

Other important songs for me include The Killers’ Mr Brightside, Train’s Drops of Jupiter, The Wannadies’ You & Me Song, anything by Feeder, Girl From Mars by Ash and The Stereophonics.

Life is never easy no matter what age you are. You do what you can to get through the hard times. Music was – and still is – a comforter for me.

What song or album got you though your hard times?


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