How to make the best burgers

I love the summer. The long days, the heat, the sun! I especially like summer because of  barbecues -not electric barbecues I hasten to add. You might as well pop them in the oven. I’m talking about proper barbecues with coals that you can’t start without flammable liquid or firelighters.

Barbecue food should be easy. Of course it should be about the food, but it’s also about your friends and family and having a good time. Therefore the food should be simple, quick and easy.

And while I don’t condone doing the easy option of going to the nearest supermarket and buying everything readymade, there’s nothing like making the food yourself.

I came across one of Yahoo’s main stories today, and hence the topic of this post – How To Make The Best Burgers. Making burgers is easy. Like with all cooking, you just need to get your hands dirty and remember about your timing.

The Yahoo story has some interesting points, such as not using salt as it draws out the juices, and makes your burger dry, and to use good meat with 10% fat.

Using the basic recipe of mince meat, onions, egg and seasoning, I also use breadcrumbs and oyster sauce. Sometimes I add a bit of Marmite (but shhhh, don’t tell the haters). Then I pop them on the barbecue when the coals are white, and turn them over once the side is brown. Don’t wait until one side is burnt before flipping them! Sometimes it may take a few turns, but it’s worth the wait.

If you want to go scientific, then get Heston Blumenthal’s book Further Adventures in Search of Perfection  on the ultimate burger.

So, what’s your burger recipe? What other food makes your barbecue?


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