Why did you unfollow me?

I  have to admit, I do get a tad upset when someone unfollows me on Twitter. Admittedly, I don’t tweet as much as I should, but then, according to this infographic on the psychology of Twitter, too much tweeting can put people off. In fact, if you tweet 36 times a day, then you’re oversharing.

People retweet (it’s now an official word) because of interesting content. No surprises there. But if you add RT, 26% would actually retweet. Talk about a call to action!

And who actually take’s notice of Follow Fridays?

Why do you unfollow?


2 thoughts on “Why did you unfollow me?

  1. You really should read “How to Leave Twitter” by Grace Dent – she has a whole chapter on “why did you unfollow me?”. Twitter lets us believe we’re all minor celebrities these days. We’ve gone from merely liking someone or something to following them, a bit like Jesus but without the sandals. Would we be so keen if the verb was “stalk” and not “follow”? I guess it’s ok if you’ve got 3000+ followers on Twitter, you can afford to lose one or two. But if you’re like me and not even reached the 100 mark, every precious follower matters (insert Gollum like tendencies here). Even if they are just marketing twits and bots… p.s. you can follow me on Twitter at @kitzdunphy

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