Everest training so far…

So, I’ve finally booked my trip to Everest with The Adventure Company. My trip to the highest place on the planet is happening.

My training for the mountain, however, has not. The latest escapade with my legs is that I’ve broken my little toe and have been told by the doctor to not do any extended walking for six weeks. There goes my eight and ten mile walk. I think someone is telling me that running isn’t my exercise of choice.

After the shin splints earlier in the year, and my car crash in May, I haven’t returned to running. I have to admit that I don’t miss it. I have, however, acquired a fold-up bike (a Brompton nonetheless) and have been riding it to the station and back for the past month. It is only recently that I’ve noticed that my thighs are much slimmer and toned. Another plus point is that I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy cycling.

I’m not a fan of exercise, per se. I like being active (but then, I also like slobbering on the couch with some biscuits watching trash TV). Exercise has to be hidden from me. If it’s part of my routine, then I don’t realise that I’m doing it. For me, my bike is the fastest mode of transport – it means more time in bed! By getting a bike, I am also doing my bit for the environment. I have cut my daily transport carbon emissions to nil. Oh the smugness.

So the training is going slow at the moment. On the trek, I will be walking between four to eight hours a day up to Base Camp, which is a mere 5545m above sea level. The summit is 8848m. One day I shall make it to the top.


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