Children read texts more than books

Children are more likely to read text messages, email and websites than read a book, according to research by the National Literacy Trust. Aged between 8-17, 18,141 young people across the UK took part in the study. They found that one in six children don’t read a single book in a month and are more likely to be a below average reader. However, one in ten say they read more than ten books a month.

The worry is that as enjoyment of read declines with age, adult literacy rates will plummet.  Britain has already fallen from 17th to 25th in the international league of reading standards and is behind countries such as Lichtenstein and Estonia. The study also found that one in ten children has never been to a bookshop or library.

National Literacy Trust Director, Jonathan Douglas, says: “Our new research shows that 1 in 6 children don’t read a book in a month, and we are worried that they will grow up to be the one in six adults who struggle with literacy to the extent that they read to the level expected of an eleven-year-old, or below. Getting these children reading and helping them to love reading is the way to turn their lives around and give them new opportunities and aspirations.”


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