Get mad and write!

I find my best writing comes I’m tired and it’s very late at night. It’s quiet, I’m focused and I don’t care what appears on the page because all I want to do is get to sleep. If I’m angry, so much the better.

Recently, Dutch researchers found that angry creative people produced a higher volume of work. It’s short-lived though because anger depletes your resources, and  reduces creativity. For creatives, they found it was better to be sad than angry.

Read more on the study at Freakonomics.

When do you do produce your best writing?


2 thoughts on “Get mad and write!

  1. That’s a really good question, I don’t know when I’m producing the best writing at all ! I’ve never really thought about it actually.

    Maybe being angry helps to really uncensored ourself when we are writing, we’re not really thinking about what the others are thinking but what we really want to write no matter how we are telling the message to deliver.

    I have some artist friends in the music industry and that’s true about one thing, they seem to all have need to be sad or “tortured” to compose great songs. If everything in their life is great, they will find a way to seeing bad things happening to them or to make them going bad with stupid and strange acts.

    Hopefully it’s not the case for everyone of course but for most of them.
    Maybe that’s the curse of the artist, being sad or feeling miserable for being a better artist.

    Look at Tim Burton, I think he never was a better director than when he was unhappy, now that he is happy with his wife (Helena Bonham Carter), his movie are not so interesting and good than before….

    • I certainly don’t censor myself when I’m angry – on paper or otherwise. Anger is such a raw emotion and when I’m in that state, tend to write from the heart, rather from logic or reason. I don’t know if you’re heard about writing from your stream of consciousness – where you don’t stop and think about what you’re writing – that’s what I tend to do, and actually, it’s quite good, albeit very personal. The best lyrics are from tortured souls, because it’s such an intense emotion. Very true about TIm Burton…

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