Off to climb Mount Everest…

Ever since I found out November was one of the best months to climb Mount Everest, I’ve wanted to spend my 30th birthday on the mountain. This year, that dream is finally turning into a reality. The flights  booked, the trip arranged to Base Camp and the Lonely Planet book thumbed. By a stroke of luck (perhaps), I was recently made redundant from my job in PR. Ever the eternal optimist, I’ve extended my trip from three weeks to two months.

Take an arm-chair journey with me as I climb the world’s highest mountain (above sea level) and discover the wonders of Nepal and Tibet. I’ll do all the hard work for you, so sit back, relax, and take a look at my pictures. Comments are most welcome. In fact, please comment. The road can be lonely sometimes.

I’ve also taken my little friend Minkie along for the ride. Read her photoblog at Minkie is Here.

I leave on 11 November. And if you wanted to know, my birthday is on 24 November.


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