Purgatory in Kathmandu

I’m hoping this won’t turn into a rant post…

For the past three days, all flights to Lukla – the gateway town to Everest have been cancelled. All we can do is wait. After getting up at 4am on day one, we spent eight hours at the domestic airport, hoping the weather would break. It never did. Day two was spent walking around Kathmandu and day three (today), my group and I are hanging around at our hotel. (Actually I snuck out- the hotel Internet wouldn’t load up any emails and had Facebook blocked – another source of frustration).

So, we’re just waiting for a phone call to say that the planes are flying. We can’t plan for anything as we need to go at a moment’s notice. It feels like Purgatory. The weather reports say Friday is promising, but still looks uncertain. It feels like everything is against us at the moment. Our guide – Hari – told us this has been the worst year so far. It was only recently, that hikers were stranded at Lukla for six days.

November, traditionally is one of the best months to trek Everest – that and May. It’s clear with stable weather, but as we know back in the UK – the weather now is so chargeable. It’s a case of sticking your head out of the window and hoping it would hold up.

The contingency plan so far is wait for Friday, then do the Ananapurna trail. Although, it’s supposed to be far superior to Everest in terms of views and enjoyment, I’ve been thinking of Everest for five years. I will be bitterly disappointed if I can’t completion my personal challenge. After all, I was unable to even start the Hastings Half Marathon earlier in the year thanks to a bout of shin splints and it feels I haven’t been able to finish any of my new years resolutions.

However, our hotel – Hotel Tibet International, Boudha is lush. We first stayed at it’s sister hotel, which was ok. My tv didn’t work, neither did the plug so I couldn’t charge my camera, but it was a bed for a few nights. As it was booked up, they let us stay across town. Now I have a tv that works, slippers, a dressing gown and a double bed all to myself. Plus my cold, which decided to rear it’s ugly head a few days before I flew to Nepal has cleared up.

So all we do is wait…


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