Happy New Year

I just wanted to wish all my readers a very happy 2012, and to thank you for stopping by.

2011 has certainly been a challenging one. I set myself five New Year’s resolutions last year. I wouldn’t say that I failed (it’s the taking part that counts, right?) – I partially completed them, which is better than most. Apparently four out of five people will break their resolutions, with 35% not making it until the end of January.

So, here are my excuses:

1)  to train and run the Hastings Half Marathon – Part one of two completed. I did trained, some might say I over trained, as I ended up suffering from shin splints which saw me hobbling around for seven weeks and missing the race.

2) to complete the 365 day Flickr challenge – it was all going swimmingly until I came to Nepal. I’m trying to catch up…

3) to take part in the post a week WordPress challenge – this I certainly have done.

4) to finish my podcasting project – erm, it never got off the ground.

5) to climb to Everest Base Camp – completed! The rest of the blogs will be up soon.

So, my New Year’s resolution for this year? I haven’t made any. I will carry on blogging, and take part in the 52-day project on Flickr.

How was 2011 for you and have you made any resolutions?