Skipping merrily along

If you’ve been a regular reader to teacup and cake, you would have known that the past year has been pretty interesting. Since my mini escape to Nepal for a few months, I moved up to Oxford to start a new job. Alas, I have yet to explore the city of dreaming spires. The short journey to London keeps calling me. I’m overjoyed to be near many of my friends, but sad to no longer live in beautiful Sussex.

Now that life has become more settled, I shall endeavor as always, dear reader, to be more regular with my posts. I have left you hanging in Nepal with my teaching experience at KEEP and have skipped merrily to books, leaving out my hike to the Annapurnas, my odd yoga experience in Pokhara, my love of white water rafting.

But life back in the UK has become terribly exciting – I’ve hardly had time to breathe, let alone write. Then there’s my photography…

Do check back from time-to-time. Or, even better, subscribe to teacup and cake! There’s a form to the right of this post.

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