Vintage fashion here we come!

We knew it was going to be a long day, so decided to get to Vintage National at Brighton Racecourse late. What we didn’t bank on was the Kemptown Festival.

Arriving at around 4.30pm, we headed straight for tea and cakes which was served on vintage crockery (naturally) and admired all those who dress up for the occasion.

Time for tea

After our scoffing cream tea and sandwiches, we checked out the market. Dangerous for someone like me, and ended up buying another full skirted prom dress for a very reasonable £35. There were real fox furs (with its face still attached), gloves, prints, jewellery to hunt through. We headed for the entertainment and enjoyed listening to a fabulous soul singer and watched people rock’n’roll.

Dancing the day away

We took a trip down memory lane while walking though the homewares and interior market:

Life before computers

Women! Know your place…

The typical British weather reared its head, and although it was sunny, the cold coastal wind meant that we didn’t want to venture outside too long and didn’t make it to the beach area.

Back up in the rock’n’roll room, we watched a bit of burlesque courtesy of Proud Cabaret.

Shake your tail feathers…

Sadly empty (we’re putting it down to the Kemptown Festival) it didn’t have the buzz we thought it would have. Still, it meant not having to battle though hordes of people while shopping. Next time we’ll go earlier .

Later that evening we went down to the rather wonderful Brighton Ballroom and stepped back in time to the 1920’s Prohibition and watched naval offices, RAF pilots and flapper girls dance the night away.

What era am I in again?


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