Broken your new year’s resolutions yet?

The shininess of the new year is giving way to the humdrum of the daily grind. The festive parties are dwindling away (although I do know someone who’s having their third Christmas this weekend) and the cash flow is already starting to ebb away.

It’s going to be a lean month. It’s the same every year.

According to studies, around four in ten of us would have broken our new year’s resolutions within the first two weeks of the year, with 40% of us still keeping them in July. One survey found the top three aims of 2013 were:

1) Read more books

2) Save more money

3) Lose weight

Making resolutions is the easy part. Most people I know think that they are a waste of time because they never stick to them. We are creatures of habits, and habits are hard to break. I, on the other hand, see each new year as a blank canvas and like to fill it up with interesting things to do.

My past resolutions have included saving money so that I could travel the world back in 2006 and trekking to Everest Base Camp. My lists have also included learning the guitar (which I did try, but failed miserably) and learning to snowboard (never even been near a slope).

I tend to make resolutions that I know I have a chance of keeping and with the bigger stuff, I break them down and put little steps into the list. So, for example, going travelling for a whole year seemed a bit daunting and I had no idea how I was going to save. My list ended up being a hybrid of ‘to do’, deadlines and goals. I was going to save XXX by April, decide on countries by XXX. It’s a good feeling to tick things off.

However, if I failed, I didn’t beat myself up about it. The next day was a new day, so I tried again.

I blogged this year’s resolutions at the end of December and I’ve made a bit of a headway. Already been swimming a couple of times for up for my impending London to Brighton Night Ride. The next session is planned for Thursday. It helps that I have a flatmate to kick me up the backside.

The next step is to get my bikes up.

I’ve also started to explore London, but yet to blog about it. I waved goodbye to Christmas with the Lions part Twelfth Night Celebrations earlier in the week. I saw many abandoned Christmas trees in the gutters of London on the way to Southbank. It was a sad sight.


If you’ve already broken your new year’s resolution, don’t dispare or feel that you’ve failed – I haven’t even started on some of mine. You’ve got a whole year to play with. Enjoy that last puff of cigarette or savour that last bite of that chocolate. Tomorrow’s a new day. Start then.


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