Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

This week’s writing challenge is certainly an interesting one – actual books vs e ones.

I spend a lot of time in the digital realm. More recently I acquired an iPad over Christmas and it’s fair to say that I’m addicted to it. I am reading more articles now. However, when it comes to books, I’m in the actual book camp. That’s not to say that I’m anti eReader, I’m more pro actual books.

The Wisdom of Psychopaths by Kevin Dutton

Current book I’m reading

eReaders are practical. Yes, you can fit 1000s of them on your Kindle and yes, it’s cheaper and yes, 50 Shades of Grey probably wouldn’t have become a massive international bestseller had it been published as an actual book first, but for me, I like holding an actual book. It’s tangible. I can touch it, turn the pages (although I curse them when I get a paper cut). I like seeing how far I’ve got to go and how much I’ve already read. If it’s an especially large book, finishing it feels like an achievement in itself.

Like my CD collection, my bookshelf charts my life through books. A nosey person can find out more about me, just by looking at my bookshelf. To me, they  – the eReaders – are uniform and bland. Actual books show their personality though their size, thickness and cover. The only personality a Kindle shows is through the jacket its owner has decided to put on it.

It may be that I’m ‘rebelling’ against the digital world. I look wistfully back to the days when we used to write letters instead of using private messages on Facebook (emails are sooo last year) and wish more people pick up the phone rather than texting. But, I can’t deny the fact that technology is helping to make things convenient, easy to access and faster.

books on shelf

A selection of my books

It’s going to be a long time until I give up the ol’ actual book. Besides, what are authors going to scribble on if actual books disappear?

So, are you an actual book person or have you already gone to the dark side and got yourself a Kindle?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

  1. Doncha think maybe sending handwritten letters to friends might come back in style the way listening to vinyl record albums has done? Let’s just hope that if it does, it happens before the US Post Office goes out of business. Just heard a report that, starting in August, the Post Office will no longer deliver mail on Saturdays…

    • I hope so. I already do write to my friends, although a book of 12 second class stamps did cost me £6. I also do like writing on nice paper and now have got myself a specific latter writing pen. No bog standard biro from me!

      At the moment, there doesn’t seem to by any plans to not deliver on Sat here in the UK, and I’m hoping we don’t follow suit. However, will that affect many people? do you think that people will notice?

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