#bookreviewfri – Aleister Crowley: The Biography

This is what @saralhawthorn thinks of this biography on occultist Aleister Crowley for #bookreviewfri:

Aleister Crowley: The Biography by Tobias Churton

Crowley is arguably one of the most complex characters of recent years, surrounded by hype, hysteria and mystery. This book aims to debunk all the myths, focusing on the ‘real’ Crowley. However, whilst it does lay out a few facts and an illuminating account of alleged work as a spy, it’s a real chew to get through. I’m a fast reader, but the format is clunky, confusing and I found myself re-reading sections several times.

Read it only if you have an interest in the Crowley or mysticism.

Aleister Crowley – The Biography, Tobias Churton

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Happy reading!


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