Book Review Friday

I don’t know about you, but there’s so many books out there that I don’t know where to start. I love getting into a good book. Sadly, the lack of time means I don’t read as much as I’d like too. I don’t want to waste my time on a book that I don’t enjoy. I’d rather be doing something else.

I know I’m not the only one out there. Together with my book loving Twitter friends @OandtheFoxes and @saralhawthorn, we started to write tweet reviews on the books that we were reading. Book Review Friday is an extension of that and this page is all the book review blogs in one place so you can peruse at your leisure. Together with the lovely @talesfromaspace we will tell you what we’re reading, our thoughts and if it’s worth your time to read.

Do you agree?  You can tweet me @sarahrajabalee your thoughts and books you’re reading. Don’t forget to use #bookreviewfri


The Lake Shore Limited I adore this book. And can’t recommend it strongly enough. It deals with the issues surrounding pain, loss and guilt. But it’s not a book that screams them in your face. Read more

The Poe Shadow I can’t even give this book 1 star, boy how I loathed it. Read more

All My Friends Are Superheros If you were to distill yourself into one overriding characteristic what would it be? This is the essence of the book. Read more

Teacup and cake

Walking Back to Happiness I really liked this book. It starts saying that this book isn’t for those who has walked to Everest Base Camp or ‘experienced slimmers who know their way around a good detox’. I’m one out of the two, but it didn’t stop me enjoying the trek. You meander through the author’s life as the author meanders through France and Spain, trying to lose weight and get her head together. Read more


Snake Ropes by Jess Richards This is an intelligent, thought-provoking story that had me on the edge of my seat. Read more

The Night Rainbow Set in a stunning, sun-baked French landscape ‘The Night Rainbow’, by Claire King, is a wonderful debut novel that immerses you in the world of bright, imaginative five-year-old Pea. Read more


The Swarming of Bees Like UK history? A good crime/mystery story? Then I recommend A Swarming of Bees, set in 600CE (common era) in Streonshalh, the place commonly now known as Whitby… Read more

Aleister Crowley: The Biography Crowley is arguably one of the most complex characters of recent years, surrounded by hype, hysteria and mystery. This book aims to debunk all the myths, focusing on the ‘real’ Crowley. Read more



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