#bookreviewfri – Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffeneger’s

This week @talesfromaspace reviews Audrey Niffeneger’s latest offering for #bookreviewfri.
I loved ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ so I was ready to gobble up Audrey Niffeneger’s ‘Her Fearful Symmetry’. I admit I find it hard to believe this is by the same author – it must be one of the worst books I have ever read. The characters are two-dimensional, the plot improbable in the extreme and the whole thing is written with such wooden, plodding prose I could take no more and abandoned it two-thirds of the way through; I do not abandon books! It feels more like a first draft than a fully fledged novel. A real disappointment this one, but I will try her again because she has shown her genius elsewhere, I know she can be brilliant, just not with this one sadly.
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#bookreviewfri – Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth

For this week’s #bookreviewfri,  @carole_m_scott reviews Bitter Greens:

Bitter Greens is the first ‘grown ups’ novel from prolific Australian children’s novelist, Kate Forsyth. It is a beautiful and spellbinding book, telling the story of three different women – a ‘Rapunzel’ locked away in C16th Venice, a scandalous aristocrat in C17th France, banished from court to a nunnery, and the nun who tells her stories to make her exile bearable. Kate’s writing is intoxicating and I found myself transported to the times and places she took me to. I was walking the alleyways of long ago Venice and I was trapped in the toxic but entertaining court of Louis XIV. The powerful, deviant and different women at the heart of the story made a refreshing change from the ‘all too good’ female characters that perpetuate in most literature and in addition, it’s a great page turner. Kate’s prose is gorgeous; it’s colourful, lively, sumptuous. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to get lost in a complete world whenever they pick up a book.

Bitter Greens by Kate Forstyh

You can find Carole at her blog – Carole Scott – where she muses about life, travel and whatever springs to mind.

#bookreviewfri – The Night Rainbow

Looking for something different to read over the weekend? Today’s #bookreviewfri is from @talesfromaspace:

The Night Rainbow by Claire King

Set in a stunning, sun-baked French landscape ‘The Night Rainbow’, by Claire King, is a wonderful debut novel that immerses you in the world of bright, imaginative five-year-old Pea. She’s a character to fall in love with as she navigates her way through the adult world and the profound experiences those around her find almost impossible to confront. With her little sister Margot, Pea takes you on a journey you’ll be sorry to leave. An insightful and beautifully written treat of a book.

The Night Rainbow

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Book Review Friday – The Poe Shadow

In case you forgot, today is Friday which means one thing here on teacup and cake – #bookreviewfri! @oandthefoxes reviews a novel which follows a young lawyer trying to solve the mystery of Edgar Allan Poe’s death.

The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl 
I can’t even give this book 1 star, boy how I loathed it. The writing was clunky particularly when dialogue was involved. It felt more a homage to Poe with crassly shoehorned passages of Poe’s work rammed in with very little thought taken to how this would effect the pace of the narrative. In a word AWFUL.
The Poe Shadow

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Book Review Friday – A Swarming of Bees

Are you after a quick read? This week @saralhawthorn reviews a historical novel set in Whitby.

A Swarming of Bees – Teresa Tomlinson

Like UK history? A good crime/mystery story? Then I recommend A Swarming of Bees, set in 600CE (common era) in Streonshalh, the place commonly now know as Whitby. The pace is good, the characters interesting – both from a personal and historical perspective – and it’s a fairly quick read. Excellent for weekend reading.


A Swarming of Bees

A Swarming of Bees

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New book review section coming soon

If you’ve been reading teacup and cake for a while, you would know I’m a book lover. There are some books that I love instantly, and some that takes time to draw me in.

The Wisdom of Psychopaths by Kevin Dutton

Current book I’m reading

The problem is, my time (and probably yours too) is precious, and I don’t want to waste time slogging through books I don’t want to read. I’m a stoic reader. If I start, I will try and read to the bitter end. I like to give books a chance.

There’s also the selection on offer. Where do you start? How do you get to the good stuff? What happens if you want to read outside your favourite genre/author? My Facebook feed has people asking for recommendations all the time.  I also ask my friends. However, unless I write them down, I forget what has been recommended.

So, I’ve decided to add a review section to teacup and cake. Myself and some friends will do all the hard work for you and tell you what we think and if it’s worth your time.

Look out for it. I’ll be adding a section in the next week or so.